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An Improved Deniable Authentication Protocol


Chia-Chen Lin, Chin-Chen Chang


Vol. 6  No. 11  pp. 240-243


In 2002, Fan et al. proposed a deniable authentication protocol based on the Deffie-Hellman key agreement protocol. They claimed that their proposed protocol is deniable, can authenticate the source of a given message, and resists the person-in-the middle (PIM) attack. However, their proposed protocol can not support the sender to authenticate his receiver’s identity, which may cause some security flaws. Meanwhile, their proposed protocol suffers lacking of efficiency when two parties are engaged in constant exchanges of messages. Therefore, we propose an improved deniable authentication protocol, which not only has same properties as Fan et al.’s scheme has, but also provides mutual authentication between the sender and the receiver which can rectify the potential security problem under Fan et al.’s. In addition, our proposed protocol proves to be more efficient than Fan et al.’s under the case that the sender and the receiver are engaged in constant exchanges of messages.


Deniable authentication, mutual authentication, PIM attack.