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Compliant Asymmetric Authenticated Encryption Scheme for JPEG2000 Code-streams


Jinyong Fang, Jun Sun, Haifeng Qian


Vol. 6  No. 11  pp. 272-276


The JPEG2000 syntax requires that any two consecutive bytes in the encrypted packet body should not be larger than 0xFF8F. This stringent requirement has plagued researchers for a few years. In this paper, we present a novel secure encryption and authentication scheme for JPEG2000 code-streams, which does not introduce superfluous JPEG2000 markers in the protected code-stream. The scheme achieves nearly 99.6% of the information protection for data confidentiality and it is computational efficiency. We develop a new public key method. It also provides source authentication without appending additional bits into the raw JPEG2000 code-streams, thus the compliant authenticated encryption is achieved.


Authenticated encryption, Compliant encryption structure, JPSEC, JPEG2000