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Exploring the Reliability and Robustness of HEAF(2) for Quantifying the Intensity of Long-Range Dependent Network Traffic


Karim Mohammed Rezaul, Vic Grout


Vol. 7  No. 2  pp. 221-229


The intensity of Long-Range Dependence (LRD) for communications network traffic can be measured using the Hurst parameter. LRD characteristics in computer networks, however, present a fundamentally different set of problems in research towards the future of network design. There are various estimators of the Hurst parameter, which differ in the reliability of their results. Getting robust and reliable estimators can help to improve traffic characterization, performance modelling, planning and engineering of real networks. Earlier research [1] introduced an estimator called the Hurst Exponent from the Autocorrelation Function (HEAF) and it was shown why lag 2 in HEAF (i.e. HEAF (2)) is considered when estimating LRD of network traffic. This paper considers the robustness of HEAF(2) when estimating the Hurst parameter of data traffic (e.g. packet sequences) with outliers and also the reliability of HEAF(2).


ACF, HEAF(2), LRD, Self-similarity.