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The Study of Bending Loss and Mode Field Diameter in Two Multi-clad Single Mode Optical Fibers


S. Makouei, A. Rostami, M. Savadi


Vol. 7  No. 2  pp. 230-237


In this paper, bending loss and mode field diameter (MFD) of two new multi-clad single mode optical fibers are investigated. Effects of optical and geometrical parameters in these fibers on bending loss and MFD are examined. The simulated results indicate that with increase of core radius ( ), that is excellent in practice, bending loss and MFD coefficients are decreased. Thus, large core radius in these fibers for optimization of bending loss can be used. We show that type-II optical fiber is so sensitive to optical and geometrical parameters than type-I. Based on the presented simulations, it can be said that bending loss for a given MFD, strongly depends on profile of field distribution in the cladding region. On the other hand, field amplitude and rate of damping in the cladding region determine bending loss of the fiber.


Multi-clad Single Mode Optical Fiber, LP Approximation, Bending Loss, Mode Field Diameter