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Experimental Analysis on Tropospheric Amplitude Scintillation on a Medium Antenna Elevation Angle in Malaysia


Mandeep Singh Jit Singh, Syed Idris Syed Hassan, Fadzil Ain, Kiyoshi Igarashi, Kenji Tanaka, Mitsuyoshi Iida


Vol. 7  No. 2  pp. 264-266


This paper presents the result of measurement studies of amplitude scintillation on moderate-elevation satellite path at Ku-band. The prediction models for tropospheric scintillation on earth satellite paths from ITU and Gaussian are compared with measurement results from USM, Parit Buntar at frequency of 12.255 GHz and elevation angle of 40.10. The scintillation is here characterized by standard deviation of amplitude fluctuation and by the distribution of amplitude deviation from their mean. The ITU prediction model relates the average scintillation intensity to the wet term of refractivity at ground level.


Tropospheric Scintillation, Satellite Propagation, ITU