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New Key Exchange Protocol Based on Mandelbrot and Julia Fractal Sets


Mohammad Ahmad Alia, Azman Bin Samsudin


Vol. 7  No. 2  pp. 302-307


In this paper, we propose a new cryptographic key exchange protocol based on Mandelbrot and Julia Fractal sets. The Fractal based key exchange protocol is possible because of the intrinsic connection between the Mandelbrot and Julia Fractal sets. In the proposed protocol, Mandelbrot Fractal function takes the chosen private key as the input parameter and generates the corresponding public key. Julia Fractal function is then used to calculate the shared key based on the existing private key and the received public key. The proposed protocol is designed to be resistant against attacks, utilizes small key size and comparatively performs faster then the existing Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol. The proposed Fractal key exchange protocol is therefore an attractive alternative to traditional number theory based key exchange protocols.


Fractals Cryptography, Key- exchange protocol, Mandelbrot Fractal set, and Julia Fractal set.