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A Worm Propagation Model based on Scale Free Network Structures and People's Email Acquaintance Profiles


T. Komninos, P. Spirakis, Y.C. Stamatiou, G. Vavitsas


Vol. 7  No. 2  pp. 308-315


In light of the rise of malicious attacks on the internet and the various networks and applications attached to it, new approaches propagation exploited by worms is through the victim's contact book. The contact book, which reflects the acquaintance profiles of people, is used as a ``hit-list'', to which the worm can try and send itself in order to spread fast. In this paper we propose a discrete worm propagation model that relies upon a combined email and Instant Messaging (IM) communication behavior of users in a scale free environment. We also model the effect in propagation based on user reaction when a threat is recognized, the installation and update of antivirus software as well as the network connectivity, arising conclusions about the behavior of the network infrastructure in presence of a worm. Our analysis is based on Wormald's differential equations method for approximating ``well-behaving'' random processes with deterministic functions.


Worm propagation modelling, e-mail and Instant Messaging Scale free network, intrusion detection