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The Function Mechanism for a Selected Group of Macro Viruses


Hassan M. Wahahat, TakiAlddin Alsmadi, Yasir Khalil Ibrahim


Vol. 7  No. 2  pp. 339-344


The current study aimed to investigate the mechanism of a selected punch of Macro Viruses spread in the field of Personal Computers with a concentration on virus called ""Concept"" in order to determine the needed methods to diagnosis the infection by such kind of virus and selecting procedural steps to prevent its damaging effects on software and its files. Inspections on the structure of this kind of virus reveled a physical development in the algorithm used to prepare it that requires a certain degree in the process of discovering it then preventing its damaging effects. The current study resulted in clarifying the most important aspects associating to the existence of an active macro virus in the personal Computer with suggesting some changes on the routines used in software macro applications to prevent the infection of personal files or executing it to the limit.


Viruses, macro, algorithm, programming style.