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Conversion of Gray-scale image to Color Image with and without Texture Synthesis


V. Karthikeyani, K.Duraiswamy, P.Kamalakkannan


Vol. 7  No. 4  pp. 11-16


We introduce a general technique for coloring the gray-scale images into the color images with and without texture synthesis. The general problem of adding chromatic values to a gray-scale image has no exact solution, the current approach attempts to provide a method to minimize the amount of human labor required for this task, rather than choosing RGB colors to individual components, we convert the entire color to the gray-scale image by matching luminance and texture information between the images. We choose only chromatic information and retain the original luminance values of the gray-scale image. Further, the procedure is enhanced by allowing the user to match areas of the two images with rectangular samples. We show that this simple technique can be successfully applied to a variety of images, provided that texture and luminance are sufficiently distinct. The images generated the potential utility of our technique in a diverse set of application domains


Image Processing, Color, Texture Synthesis