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MIS : Mobile Intelligent System


Ahmed Habbani, Jamal EL Abbadi, Zouhair Guennoun


Vol. 7  No. 4  pp. 42-47


The work presented concerns the design, specification and realization of a wireless sensor network node.In this paper, we introduces the original Mobile Intelligent System (MIS). The system is based on an embedded Co-Design FPGA architecture, including a microprocessor core and several dedicated IP (Intellectual Property). Real tests in network sensor of variable topology have been carried out and have permitted working node validation.The system enables the collect of environmental data using mobile sensors in order to detect any important variations for triggering alarms.In the sake of improving the processing time, the paper presents also a new approach of routing protocols by material acceleration.


Information systems and embedded application, Intelligent sensors, wireless sensor networks, system on Silicium (SoC and SoPC), Co design, Bloc IP (Intellectual Property) and FPGA.