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Design and Development of Mobile Robot for Radiation Protection Assistance


Jahan Zeb, Farooq Rashid, Naeem Iqbal, Nasir Ahmed


Vol. 7  No. 4  pp. 99-106


A mobile Radiation Protection Assistant Robot (RPAR) has been designed to assist radiation workers in a hostile radiation environment. The RPAR comprises of a cubicle tri-wheeled platform and a four Degree of Freedom (4-DOF) serial type articulated robotic arm. The movement of the platform is controlled by two differential wheeled driving systems. The RPAR is helpful in radiation mapping, handling and transportation of radioactive material. It can also be helpful in radiation emergencies. The kinematics study and manipulator Jacobian of the gripper of articulated robotic arm has been assessed and workspace analysis is made. Radiation hardening study of the electronic components of RPAR driver modules has also been carried out to ensure the safe operation up to a total ionizing dose of 9 Sv.


Articulated robotic arm, Kinematics, radiation, Remote handlings.