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Asymmetric Cryptographic Protocol with modified Approach


Pushpa.R.Suri, Priti Puri


Vol. 7  No. 4  pp. 107-110


The paper starts with general introduction about the cryptography. Paper flows with the one upcoming method of public key cryptography as NTRU. The basic function of NTRU is given with previous work done. Some new modified approach to the basic NTRU method is proposed. In that approach, entire polynomial ring (a huge set of polynomials)divide into small subsets of polynomials. Different subsets of polynomials can be run concurrently to generate the keys for encryption and decryption. By this approach, many processes can work in parallel. At the same time more than one person can do encryption and decryption with different sections and the process will hidden from each other..


Decryption, NTRU, polynomial, public key, XOR, private key.