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3D Face Deformation Using Control Points and Vector Muscles


Hyun-Cheol Lee, Gi-Taek Hur


Vol. 7  No. 4  pp. 149-155


The creation and animation of 3D facial models has depended on animators' manual work frame by frame. Thus, it needs many efforts and time as well as various hardware and software. This paper is aimed at developing a facial expression modeling system based on vector muscle which can produce diverse and realistic facial expressions. 8 standard facial models fitting the characteristics of Korean faces was introduced. Thereupon, this paper suggests a way to model 3D human faces easily and quickly just with the front and profile images. In addition, in order to produce more precise 3D facial models, a delicate adjustment method using the Radial Basis Function is introduced. Facial models produced by these methods may be synthesized or varied. Moreover, this paper suggests a method of synthesizing various 3D facial expressions in consideration of the anatomical vector muscles. Besides, This paper suggests a way to apply such methods to produce caricatures by adjusting the control points of the RBF and the vectors of the facial muscles.


3D Face Model, Facial Animation, Control Points, Muscle Vector, Caricatures .