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Xml Query Processing ? Semantic Cache System


M.R.Sumalatha, V.Vaidehi, A.Kannan


Vol. 7  No. 4  pp. 164-169


In modern distributed and web environments caching the popular queries turn out to be a significant notion which highly reduces the network traffic during communication with the server. With the advent of XML, great challenges arise from the demand for efficiently retrieving information from remote XML sources across the Internet. The semantic caching technology can help to improve the efficiency of XML query processing in the Web environment. Traditionally we had tuple and page based caching techniques which had imperfection like retrieving the needless and the redundant results. Semantic caching systems exploit the idea of reusing cached query results to answer new queries based on the query containment and rewriting techniques. In this paper we proposed a novel approach for XML query based caching systems. Preliminary experiment results illustrate the performance improvement in our semantic caching system.


XML query processing, Semantic cache system.