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A Color Contrast Algorithm for E-learning Standard


Young Gun Jang, Hack Yoon Kim, Keun Man Yi


Vol. 7  No. 4  pp. 195-201


IMS consortium's accessibility standards for E-learning do not provide a clear definition and testing standards for color contrast, or recommendations on how to provide sufficient color contrast for people with learning disorders or color blindness. W3C released working draft of Web contents accessibility guideline 2.0 in November 2005. Guideline 1.4 in this guideline is showing a difference from the evaluation algorithm of the foreground color against the background color suggested in testing item 2.2 regarding accessibility evaluation and techniques of repair tools. In this research, we evaluate the appropriateness of both standards, and propose a new color contrast algorithm utilizing color temperature, which was a factor not considered in either of the standards in the W3C guideline. For clinical evaluation of the color contrast algorithm, a test was performed on 87 normal people in their 20's, and 10 children diagnosed with a learning disorder marked by sensitivity to color contrast, using 216 web safe colors. The results of the test were that proposed algorithm is superior to the existing algorithms with respect to the linearity of relationship between color contrast and readability rating. and that the group with the learning disorders required a higher contrast for securing readability than the normal.


E-learning, Color contrast, Color temperature, Learning disorders, Accessibility, Readability