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Priority-based hierarchical Application Layer Multicast Management Model


Xu Jian-zhen, Xu Mi-hua, Zhang Fu-yan


Vol. 7  No. 4  pp. 242-249


ALM (Application Layer Multicast) has been widely used recently. According to the organizing of multicast node(s), the paper proposes an ALM management model PBHM (Priority-Based Hierarchical Model, PBHM). Because it is grounded on hierarchy, the model has many merits, such as little control overhead, high efficiency, distributed build, better expansibility, independent topology of bottom and so on. The paper introduces priority for each multicast node for the purpose of making the selection of group leader more rational, so the network can be constringed fleetly and can elect group leader over again rapidly even though the network invalidates frequently, and consequently the method can ameliorate the network performance with only clusters management. Further more, the paper sets up priority mathematical model PRIORITY in order to calculate the priority of each group member, in addition, the paper tests and proves the correlative conclusions by simulation experiment, and it’s proved that the model improves the forwarding efficiency of ALM and administers its consumers in a more efficient way.


Application-Layer Multicast; Priority; Hierarchical Structure; Multicast Management; Efficiency