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New Multi Attributes Procurement Auction for Agent-Based Supply Chain Formation


Rasoul Karimi, Caro Lucas, Behzad Moshiri


Vol. 7  No. 4  pp. 255-261


Multi Attributes Procurement Auction is a well known solution for negotiation between sellers and buyers. Seller wants to sell the product with more prices while buyer wants to buy the product with fewer prices. This problem has been analyzed by game theory approach and one optimal solution is achieved for the seller and the buyer with this assumption that the seller knows the exact value of the production cost. Production cost is the money that the seller must pay to prepare the product for selling. But this constraint is not acceptable in the new models of supply chain, because the seller (producer agent) is dependent on several supplier agents which supply components in undetermined time and price. In this article, this constraint has been relaxed and a new procurement auction is defined. In this auction, seller agents can take different strategies based on their risk attribute. These strategies is analysed and compared mathematically.


Supply Chain, Procurement Auction, Reverse Auction, Multi Attribute Auction, Mass Customization