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A Novel and High-Precision Optical Displacement Sensor


A. Rostami, M. Noshad, H. Hedayati, A. Ghanbari, F. Janabi-Sharifi


Vol. 7  No. 4  pp. 311-316


In this paper, theoretical and experimental investigation of a novel compact and high-precision (0.2 nm) optical displacement sensor is presented. The sensor operation is based on optical intensity modulation due to diffraction. A circular disk, including a central transmitter and circumferential receivers (8 and 12 configurations), is considered as high precision displacement sensor. Effects of the number of receivers and the reflection coefficient of the receiver’s surface on sensitivity of the proposed sensor are investigated. It is shown that with increase of the reflection coefficient of the surface, the sensitivity will increase up to five times compared with the traditional case. It is also demonstrated that there is an excellent agreement between theoretical and experimental results.


Displacement sensor, High resolution, Fiber optic sensor, Diffractive optics, Intensity variation.