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A Simulator for the Assessment of Manpower Requirement for Technology Savvy Banking


P.K. Suri, Dilbag Singh, Ramesh Chander


Vol. 7  No. 4  pp. 322-325


The objective of this paper is to forecast the manpower requirement for technological banking. The major problem that the banks are facing is to explore the manpower requirement so as to provide better services to the customer as well as to increase the business per employee. Forecasting the requirement of manpower in bank depends on the basis of the transactions demanded by the customers. There are some transactions that cannot be handled through an ATM and to replenish and maintain the money stock in ATM, human resource is needed to be deployed. The output of the present simulator gives the future requirement of staff for a bank given a particular number of account holders. The role of simulator will be advantageous for the human resource department of a bank.


ATM, Simulation, Manpower, Demanded Transactions.