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Uplink CDMA2000 Performance Evaluation With Mobile Clients


J. Arturo P?rez-D?az, J. Miguel Garc?a-Ramos, Miriam Calderon-Reyes, Luis G. Riojas-Mandujano


Vol. 7  No. 5  pp. 42-48


In this paper we present an analysis of the CDMA 2000 performance with mobile clients, the analysis includes tests at different speeds and transfer rates. We are using the evolution of CDMA2000 called 1xEV-DO, which is the first massively provided service in Mexico, by Iusacell Company. Due to carrier security constraints, our test focuses on the up-link (reverse link) communication. We used two computers with Windows XP SO sending traffic from the mobile client to the static host at different transfer rates (30, 60, 90 Kbps). In each test the mobile client sent traffic at different vehicular speeds (40, 60, 90 Km/h). In general, we notice that the technology looses performance when the speed and the transfer rate increases. Initially, at low speed, the performance decreases linearly, reaching an apparent exponential decreasing trend at higher speeds. At low speed the transfer rate were almost the same 100 % and at high speed the transfer rate decreased between 27-33 %.


Throughput, CDMA2000, Transfer Rate, Uplink, Mobile clients