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Efficient View-Dependent Modeling and Rendering of Large-Scale Ocean Wave base on Digital Earth


Li Sunjun, Yang Bing, Wu Lingda


Vol. 7  No. 5  pp. 118-126


The realistic modeling and rendering of ocean surface is one of hotspot and difficult problem of computer graphic. In this paper, considering earth curvature, an efficient view-dependent modeling and rendering method of large-scale ocean wave is presented. First, considering the effect of earth curvature in detail, the authors set up the ocean wave model based on digital earth and the knowledge of ocean. It reduces the computation obviously and resolves the “compress phenomenon” at high latitude. Then, relying on a procedural ocean wave model, the method restricts computations to the visible part of the ocean surface with screen-subdivision algorithm, adapts the geometric resolution to the viewing distance: high resolution in near area and low resolution in far area. This yields real-time performances, even when the camera moves. The ""border slit"" on screen can be removed by the method based on ""Clamp Sphere"". Finally, various ocean waves under different distance and different viewpoints are realistically view-dependent rendered. Experiments have been implemented on a common PC with standard graphics hardware. Experimental results show that the user can interactively fly over a large-scale earth animated ocean.


Ocean wave, View-dependent modeling and rendering, LOD, Screen-subdivision algorithm