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Optimal DSP-Based Motion Estimation Tools Implementation For H.264/AVC Baseline Encoder


Imen Werda, Haithem Chaouch, Amine Samet, Mohamed Ali Ben Ayed, Nouri Masmoudi


Vol. 7  No. 5  pp. 141-150


A merging procedure joining search origin, search pattern and new variable block size motion estimation for H.264/AVC is proposed in this paper. Those approaches yield good tradeoffs between motion estimation distortion and number of computations since they invest and exploit the center-biased characteristics of the real world video sequences: A reliable predictor determines the search origin, localizing the search process. An efficient search pattern exploits structural constraints within the motion field. A new fast block size selection DSP-based algorithm allows simultaneous fidelity of the video quality and the reduction of the computational cost. Experimental results demonstrate the viability of the proposed algorithms in low bit rate video coding applications: Video conference. The proposed motion estimation algorithms provide substantially higher encoding speed as well as graceful computational degradation capabilities.


H.264/AVC, Search center, Block matching algorithm, Pattern search, Variable block size, complexity, Video quality, PSNR SSIM