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High performance Modified DSR with Power Consumption Optimization for Mobile Adhoc Networks


Arun kumar.B.R, Dr.C. Lokanatha Reddy, Dr.P.S. Hiremath


Vol. 7  No. 5  pp. 169-178


The chief limiting factor for current mobile devices is the amount of battery power. To improve this crucial factor, researchers have tried to optimize power consumption of every aspect of the mobile device. Power consumption can be optimized by disks, memory chips, CPU scheduling and efficient routing techniques. Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) is a popular protocol for mobile adhoc routing and data forwarding over wireless networks. In this research an innovative mechanism is suggested for DSR that improves both the routing and data forwarding performance, with lesser power consumption. This mechanism involves intelligent use of the route discovery and route maintenance process thereby providing faster routing and reduced traffic as compared to the basic DSR. This mechanism enables faster data forwarding and reduced collisions with lesser power consumption. The basic DSR and modified DSR were studied and compared in GloMoSim simulation environment. Since one of our major goals was to reduce the routing overhead, the existing algorithm was modified to achieve this objective. To get a better idea of the generated overhead we considered the number of routing packets, which carry the overhead. The analysis shows that the performance of modified DSR is better than the performance of the basic DSR for the considered simulations scenarios. The modified algorithm was found to reduce the power consumption of the network by routing lesser routing load.


DSR, pause time, packet delivery ratio, route reply packets