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Effect of Random Mobility Models Pattern in Mobile Ad hoc Networks


S Gowrishankar, T G Basavaraju, Subir Kumar Sarkar


Vol. 7  No. 6  pp. 160-164


A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a network consisting of a set of wireless mobile nodes that communicate with each other without centralized control or established infrastructure. The mobility model represents the moving behavior of each mobile node (MN) in the MANET that should be realistic. It is a crucial part in the performance evaluation of MANET. In this paper, we have studied the effects of various random mobility models on the performance of AODV. For experimental purposes, we have considered three mobility scenarios: Random Waypoint, Random Walk with Reflections and Random Walk with Wrapping. Experimental results illustrate that performance of the routing protocol varies across different parameters like number of nodes, packet delivery ratio and end to end delay.


Ad hoc Network, performance evaluation, mobility models, Routing Protocol, AODV