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An Adaptive Congestion Control Mechanism for Streaming Multimedia in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks


B. Ramesh, D. Manjula


Vol. 7  No. 6  pp. 290-295


In mobile ad hoc networks, most of the present routing protocols are designed to have congestion aware, but not congestion adaptive. The way in which the congestion is handled results in longer delay and more packets to be lost for streaming multimedia. When a new route is needed, the routing protocols require a significant overhead in finding it. Mobile Ad hoc Networks shows unexpected behavior with multiple data streams under heavy traffic load such as multimedia data when it is sent to common destination. The main reason for more delay and packet loss in mobile ad hoc networks is due to congestion. The system adapts adaptive congestion control aware to existing routing protocols in mobile ad hoc networks. In this paper we propose an adaptive congestion control method, in which perform well even during constrained situation. We have considered four popular routing protocols such as AODV, DSR, DSDV and TORA to analyzing the performance of the system. The proposed congestion control routing protocol will perform well for all the other routing protocols during heavy traffic loads. We can suggest here that routing protocols should not have only be aware of but also be adaptive to network congestion.


Congestion Control, Streaming Multimedia, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks