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Peer-to-Peer Privacy Preserving Reputation Inquiry: An Agent Assistant Approach


Bon K. Sy


Vol. 7  No. 7  pp. 37-46


This research presents a privacy preserving peer-to-peer communication mechanism that allows peers using their personal agents to obtain reputation information of each other through a pair of trustworthy mediator proxies. A mediator proxy is considered trustworthy, if even when it is compromised, it can guarantee three conditions: (1) the anonymity of the identity of the responders and the target being inquired, (2) the privacy of the content in an inquiry and a response, and (3) the boundary limit of the reputation summary with no possibility of combining the response of multiple inquiries to reverse engineer the reputation rating of an individual responder.


Privacy preserving, trustworthy mediator proxy, double-blind communication, homomorphic encryption