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Generalized Scheme For Fractal Based Digital Signature (GFDS)


Mohammad Ahmad Alia, Azman Bin Samsudin


Vol. 7  No. 7  pp. 99-104


This paper describes a new development in the cryptographic digital signature scheme based on Mandelbrot and Julia fractal sets. Recently it has been shown that it is possible to have digital signature scheme based on fractal due to the strong connection between the Mandelbrot and Julia fractal sets. The link between the two fractal sets is used for the conversion of the private key to a public key. However in the previous work the verification can be done only by a specific party. In this paper we introduce a new variation of the fractal public-key digital scheme (GFDS), whereby the verification of the digital signature can be done by any member of the public.


Fractals Cryptography, Digital Signature Scheme, Mandelbrot Fractal Set, and Julia Fractal Set.