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Digital Signature Development using Truncated Polynomials


P.Prapoorna roja, P.S.Avadhani


Vol. 7  No. 7  pp. 130-133


Procedures used for digital signature development rely on the algorithms provided for data confidentiality. The decryption algorithms used for data confidentiality are generally inverse of the encryption algorithms and hence can be used for authentication purposes. Existing Algorithms based on truncated polynomials offer many advantages compared to RSA. At the same time these truncated polynomial algorithms suffer from the drawback that the encryption and decryption algorithms are not inverses of each other as in the case of RSA, hence require separate computation for generation of digital signature. In this paper we propose an algorithm based on truncated polynomials that combine the advantages of both RSA and the algorithms based on truncated polynomials and at the same time overcoming the difficulties faced in each. This proposed algorithm does not require either large primes to be generated or extra computational effort for digital signature generation.


Digital, Signature, Truncated Polynomials