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Simulator for Time Estimation of Software Development Process


P. K. Suri, Bharat Bhushan


Vol. 7  No. 7  pp. 288-292


Estimating the time is a critical activity. Not only does this time impact on the technology solution but also impacts the project management solution. Keeping in view an attempt has been made to design a simulator for time /effort estimation of software development process using Erlang-6 distribution [9]. It is assumed that there is a long term fixed average time required to complete an activity and it is assumed that there are six major activities of a standard system development process in which each activity is mutually independent and follows a negative exponential distribution with average time of completion say β. The value of β depends on the size of the process. The input for the simulator has been derived by using an algorithm for generating pseudo random numbers which follows Erlang-6 distribution. The total mean time of software development has been found and computed by varying the average time of completion of an activity. This simulator will be an asset to affordably keep track of time during the process of development and thus to satisfy the client in this era of competitive market of software.


Erlang distribution, Simulation, Activity, Time estimation, Software development process