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Study of Optical Spectral CDMA Zero Cross-correlation Code


E. I. Babekir, N. M. Saad, N. Elfadel, A.Mohammed, A.A. Aziz, M.S.Anuar, S.A.Aljunid, M.K. Abdullah


Vol. 7  No. 7  pp. 315-320


This paper concentrates on Double Weight code family as a proposed code for the optical spectrum code division multiple access (OSCDMA) which has one cross correlation value. By eliminating the intersection columns of this code, the cross correlation value will be zero instead of one. This new derived code is called Zero Cross-Correlation Code (ZCC). It is called zero cross correlation code because the cross correlation value between any two codes sequence equals to zero. Therefore, the Multiple Access Interference (MAI) should be reduced. In addition, general new equations are obtained for ZCC code instead of basic matrix and mapping technique.


Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), Optical Spectrum Code Division Multiple Access (OSCDMA), Multiple Access Interference (MAI), Zero Cross Correlation (ZCC) code.