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Developing Knowledge Management System for Public Higher Learning in Collaborative Environment


Rusli Abdullah, Shamsul bin Shahabudin, Rose Alinda Alias, Mohd Hasan Selamat


Vol. 7  No. 7  pp. 331-341


Knowledge management system (KMS) becomes a common medium to distribute knowledge of these days by using the IT as enabler tools for everyone to reach, share with among the members, and used it from any workplace in world at any time. In the higher learning institution sectors, the collaboration tools of KMS explore the opportunity to create, gather, access, organize, distribute and disseminate the knowledge to their community of practice for many purposes such as learning process, R & D and others. This paper describes on the theoretical concept and approach of KMS that could be implementing in the public higher learning institution (PHLI) by showing on how the framework of KMS model is developed using Lotus Notes software. PHLI is considered the learning organization that fully supported by the government. The achievement in conducting this framework of the KMS is an added value for the any PHLI that need to implement the KMS, which can help them to achieve their aims and mission statements. The emphasis also will be given to the activities that may concern for each stage in the KM life cycle including the critical success factor (CSF) in order to make sure that KMS initiatives will delivered competitive advantage to the organization.


Knowledge, Critical Success Factor, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management System Framework, and Lotus Notes