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Design of the Security Module for Safe Data Sending in a Web System


Seung-Ju Jang


Vol. 7  No. 8  pp. 82-86


According to increasing use of internet, the security of network connection between web server and client is equal concern to both parties. Such risks of network security are eavesdropping, fraud, interception and so on. Therefore it is important to protect data from/to internet data. In special, there are two types of internet security, one is network security, the other is data security. Data security is main concern in web data. In this paper, I use Apache Web Server and LSP(Layered Service Provider) client protocol. I designed secure server and client module. Both modules have RSA encryption algorithm based on PKI(Public Key Infrastructure) and SHA-1 hash algorithm to provide data integrity.


Security Module, Web Security, LSP protocol, Server Security, Client Security