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Efficient Query Propagation by Adaptive Bordercast Operation in Dense Ad Hoc Network


Abudhahir Buhari, Mohamed Othman


Vol. 7  No. 8  pp. 101-108


We designed the Adaptive Bordercast Resolution Protocol for efficient query propagation in a flat ad hoc network. The characteristic of Ad hoc networks like dynamic topology, network density causes asymptotic packet generation that results in degraded performance of routing protocols. The Bordercast Resolution Protocol (BRP) under Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP) outperforms flooding, albeit na?ve query propagation technique. We can optimize the performance of bordercast operation by setting the optimal routing zone radius. In this paper, we present and examine the characteristics of new adaptive routing protocol based on the ZRP protocol. The results show that the cost of discovering the route by adaptive bordercast is better than the native bordercast resolution protocol.


Bordercast resolution protocol, Zone routing protocol, Dense Ad hoc network, Query propagation