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The Theory of Intelligent Design Decision Making Model on Human-Apparel System Design


Cheng-fang Lai


Vol. 7  No. 8  pp. 120-127


This essay emphasizes on integrating strategic and systemic approach into fashion product design. Intelligent Design Decision-Making(Abbreviated as IDD) Model created by the author has characterized by combining Design Praxeology, Strategic Decision-Making Theory, as well as Cybernetic Feed-back Theory to become a new technique of self-organizing, problem-solving and opportunity-oriented method. IDD Model is an eight-step systemic decision-making procedure to assist system engineers to solve the human factors problems effectively and make more precise and reliable decision than any traditional method. IDD Model, by applying CAEA&D technique, has rapid and automatic functions; it, also by employing Human Factors Lab work, has tendency to produce quantitative and precise decision values. Consequently, IDD Model will be a crucial tool to promote Human-Apparel System Design into a scientific, computerized and automatic era.


design praxeology, human-apparel system, strategic decision-making, modeling methodology