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Designing of a Abnormal Traffic Distinction and Host Control System in the IPv6 Environment


Changwoo Nam, Seunghae Kim, Kwangsub Go, Joobum Kim, Seongjin Ahn, Jinwook Chung


Vol. 7  No. 8  pp. 133-138


Even in IPv6, of which the security is enhanced relative to existing IPv4, the entire network security is under critical threats from unauthorized or malicious users and the worm virus scanning process possible in IPv6 is a menace to the IPv6 network. Thus, this research paper proposes an integrated IPv6 network management system that detects and blocks worm viruses that cause network disabilities and isolate authorized or malicious users from the network while enhancing the efficiency of network management.


Network Management, Network Security, Ipv6, Abnormal Traffic, Worm Virus, Worm Detection