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Analysis of Power Control Scheme, Routing Protocol and Link Scheduling in Mobile Ad hoc Network


Parvinder singh, Sathans Suhag, Krishan Kumar, Brijesh Kumar


Vol. 7  No. 8  pp. 267-272


The network in case of Mobile Adhoc networks is generally poorly defined or not defined at all. This is true w.r.t. network infrastructure (e.g. base stations, fixed links, routers, centralized servers). In Such a network the data can be relayed/routed by intermediate nodes whose position keeps on changing. Mobile adhoc networks have some challenges like-Limited wireless transmission range, broadcast nature of the wireless medium, hidden terminal and exposed terminal problems, packet losses due to transmission errors-Mobility, induced route changes, Mobility-induced packet losses, Battery constraints, Ease of snooping, security problem. The power level fundamentally affects many aspects of the operation of the network which includes the throughput capacity of the network. Power control also affects the contention for the medium, as well as the number of hops and, thus, the end-to-end delay. Transmission power also affects the important metric of energy consumptions. The current paper explores the work done in the area of power control schemes, routing protocol and link scheduling from year 2004 to year 2007.


Power control, Routing protocol, Link Scheduling