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Collision Free and Energy Efficient MAC protocol for Wireless Networks


Muhammad Ali Malik, Dongha Shin


Vol. 7  No. 9  pp. 110-115


In Wireless networks, energy saving is a very important research issue to increase the life time of these networks. In this paper, we propose ES-MAC, a collision free energy efficient MAC protocol for wireless networks. ES-MAC is based on IEEE 802.11. ES-MAC uses power saving mechanism of IEEE 802.11 to save energy consumption. IEEE 802.11 squanders energy and increases latency because of overhearing, over-transmission and packet collisions. IEEE 802.11 does not eliminate the hidden and the exposed terminal problems in multi-hop environment which causes energy consumption and throughput degradation. ES-MAC eliminates these problems by informing, all nodes having logical 2-hop distance from the receiver node, about the data transmission. The receiver centric logical 2-hop message passing mechanism in ES-MAC eradicates the hidden terminal and the exposed terminal problems, which is a key advantage of ES-MAC.


MAC protocol, Wireless network, Over-hearing, Over- transmission, Packet collision