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Noisy Fingerprint Image Enhancement Technique for Image Analysis: A Structure Similarity Measure Approach


Raju Sonavane, B.S. Sawant


Vol. 7  No. 9  pp. 225-230


Fingerprint images vary in quality. In order to ensure that the performance of an automatic fingerprint identification system (AFIS) will be robust with respect to the quality of input fingerprint images, it is essential to incorporate a fingerprint enhancement module in the AFIS system. In this paper, we introduce a special domain fingerprint enhancement methods which decomposes the input fingerprint image into a set of filtered images. From the filtered images, the orientation field is estimated and a quality mask which distinguishes the recoverable and unrecoverable corrupted regions in the input image is generated. Using the estimated orientation field, the input fingerprint image is adaptively enhanced in the recoverable regions. A technology for recognizing fingerprints for security purposes is proving as regards as reliable but efficient recognition is depending on the quality of input fingerprint image. Recognition of the fingerprint becomes a complex computer problem while dealing with noisy and low quality images. In this Paper work we are focusing the special domainn biometric System of noisy and low quality images, which will be beneficial for recognition system. Experimental results show that our enhancement Methods improves the performance of the fingerprint Images makes it more robust with respect to the quality of input.


Image Enhancement Technique, Spatial domain methods, Contrast Image enhancement