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An Approach-Effect of an Exponential Distribution on different medical images


Amit Shrivastava, Monika Shinde, S.S. Gornale, Pratap Lawande


Vol. 7  No. 9  pp. 235-240


Medical imaging refers to technique and process used to create images of human body (or part thereof) for clinical purpose (medical procedures seeking to reveal diagnose or examine diseases) or medical science (including the study of normal anatomy and function) .Image processing techniques in medical imaging are used to analyze the symptoms of the patients with ease. Medical images often consist of random noise and which are affected during acquisition and it spread over the image. In such situation it is very difficult to diagnosis the particular disease. Therefore it is necessary to remove the noise from the image. Real images are often degraded by noise and this noise can occur during image transmission and digitization. The application of this method is to detect the different types of noise in medical images and shows the effect of exponential distribution on the noise by evaluated the Probability density function (PDF) for the medical images. The results are analyzed compared with standard pattern of noise and evaluated through the quality metrics like mean and standard derivations. [1] [4] [9][19].


Medical imaging, Detecting noise, and Probability Density Function, Exponential Distribution