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Fast Intra Coding Method of H.264 for Video Surveillance System


Jang-Seon Ryu, Eung-Tea Kim


Vol. 7  No. 10  pp. 76-81


The H.264 standard employs several powerful coding methods to obtain high compression efficiency. Specially, to reduce the spatial redundancy more effectively, the directional intra prediction method is used. It investigates all available coding modes to decide the best one. This decision process requires very high computational time and a lot of memory access. So, it is hard to adopt it into the real-time video surveillance system, DVR(digital video recorder). To overcome this problem, we propose the efficient intra prediction mode decision method which can select the prediction block sizes between 4x4 and 16x16 sizes quickly, and then decide the directional modes. In the experimental result, the efficiency of the proposed method is shown by comparing its processing time and PSNR with those of the conventional methods. The proposed method reduces 40%~70% coding time while maintaining similar PSNR of H.264 codec.


H.264 , Spatial Encoding, Intra, Video Surveillance