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Processing of GPS Data with Difference HDOP in Guide Robot for the Visually Impaired


Min-Soo Goh Dong-Fan Shen, Seung-Hong Hong


Vol. 7  No. 10  pp. 90-97


The main object of global localization of the guide robot is reduce the position error. The common solutions of reducing position error is using DGPS or integrate GPS and INS. Whereas, it's hard to use in the guide robot , because the much variety of GPS error in difference environments can not be faded by a single filter. Even if the Extended Kalman Filter, robust in error, have to make a threshold of DOP value and processing the GPS data which DOP is small than the threshold. In fact, the environment of guide robot have few GPS data which satisfy the threshold of DOP, even the data satisfy the threshold of DOP can also have unreasonable error. In this paper, we present a method using the difference of DOP(Dillusion Of Precision) to detection the change of error model and processing the GPS data. The method is improved the efficiency of GPS data in pedestrian navigation.


HDOP, GPS, Guide Robot, Localization