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Xlet-based, IESG(Integrated Electronic Service Guide) in Ubiquitous Interactive TV Environment


Ho Yeon Jang, Nammee Moon


Vol. 7  No. 10  pp. 183-187


This paper discuss the outline of effective Integrated Electronic Service Guide(IESG) system and service in ubiquitous interactive TV environment. Recent interest in ubiquitous digital television broadcast is business model related to interactive and enhanced application running on digital TV platforms. EPG is the core digital television service of which primary function is to provide viewers with overview and schedule information of the current or upcoming television programs(transmitted in broadcast transport streams). IESG service is designed to compose Electronic Program Guide(EPG), interactive TV service information such as TV portal service and genre information in interactive TV platform. Interactive TV platform includes ATSC-ACAP, OpenCable-OCAP and DVB-MHP. This platform is a Java based data broadcasting standard for interactive TV service through digital TV set-top boxes. To make it possible, broadcasters have to transmit program scheduling information and interactive TV service information. However, each broadcasters adopting each other standard in the same country transmit only their own program guides, not those of other broadcasters because of lack of bandwidth and other business issues. In this paper, we discuss an effective way of IESG service implementation in which, based on Xlet-based, service information standard is used to display a broadcaster's own channel program guide, and Return Channel is used for the program guide and interactive TV service information of other cross media in ubiquitous digital TV environment.


EPG, ACAP, MHP, OCAP, Digital TV, Interactive TV Service, Ubiquitous