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Designing and Querying Web Services Communities


Jalel Akaichi, Hela Limam, Mourad Khayati


Vol. 7  No. 10  pp. 226-233


The incredible growth of the information space, the hard competition between enterprises populating it, the need to collaborate and to share knowledge guiding to better decisions are factors that push Web Services providers to join each other into Web Services Communities. In fact, solutions proposed to tackle communities’ management lack of a formal and clear design which may alter the system evolving and maintenance. For these reasons, we propose to design and to implement a system able to manage Web Services Communities. Moreover, these communities are built with the goal to be queried transparently and easily by users which aim to satisfy their informational needs in a satisfactory time and in a pertinent retrieval .For an efficient query processing we developed an advanced caching mechanism to reduce the query response time.


Web Services Communities, Mediator, Management, Queries Optimization