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Review of satellite image segmentation for an optimal fusion system based on the edge and region approaches


Ahmed Rekik, Mourad Zribi, Ahmed Ben Hamida, Mohammed Benjelloun


Vol. 7  No. 10  pp. 242-250


Image analysis, usually, refers to a process of images provided by a computer in order to find the objects within the image. Image segmentation is one of the most critical tasks in automatic image analysis. It consists of subdividing an image into its constituent parts as well as extracting them. A great variety of segmentation algorithms have been developed in the last few decades; but more of these algorithms can be really applied to all images. Some of them are not suitable for some particular situations, especially in satellite images which, often, contain different textured regions or varying background, and are often subjected to illumination changes or environmental effects. Searching for more precision, we propose, in this work a fusion of the edge approach with the region approach for satellite image segmentation. Indeed, this paper presents an overview on image fusion techniques applied to satellite image segmentation. The aim is to exploit the advantages of the two approaches in order to know closed contours and homogeneous areas for optimal image segmentation.


Satellite images, segmentation approaches, edge approaches, region approaches, satellite image fusion