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To Extract Articles From PubMed Database Using Perl Software Tool Perl_Su


Sugam Sharma, Tzusheng Pei, Hari Cohly, Raphael Isokpehi, N Meghanathan


Vol. 7  No. 10  pp. 300-305


PubMed is the suitable database for all Computational Biologists /Bioinformatics researchers to search the required data efficiently. Extraction of the data from the PubMed needs suitable input to search and careful selection the back end. A na?ve user needs a good exercise before handling the PubMed database actually such as where and what input string is supplied and what database is selected in PubMed corpus. We have designed a tool using Perl script, named as Perl_Su. This tool makes the searching process easy in PubMed corpus. When we run this tool, it asks the user to supply the related string of search as input. And thus it extracts all the possible sets consisting of that supplied string. This tool is unique in its own kind and extremely useful for na?ve user and will work as cantilever for those experts to develop further innovative ideas who understand the chemistry between Perl and Bioinformatics. We believe that this tool will contribute significantly in the field of Text Mining in PubMed Corpus.


Perl, Mechanize, User Agent