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A Novel Fair GSR Contract Signing Protocol Against Earnest Money


Debajyoti Konar, Chandan Mazumdar


Vol. 7  No. 11  pp. 55-64


In this paper we propose a novel Fair Gradual Secrete Release (GSR) protocol for E-contract signing against earnest money between an originator and a responder involving their banks as transacting parties. We provide a security analysis of the protocol and analyze some important and pertinent properties of the protocol, which include money atomicity, validated contract and the fairness in true sense. The protocol involves originator, originator’s bank, responder, responder’s bank as transacting parties without using an additional trusted third party. We also formally prove the existence of all the said properties.


Contract Signing, Fairness in true sense, Gradual Secrete Release, Money atomicity, Validated contract