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Unreliable Network Re-Authentication Protocol Based on Hybrid Key Using CSP Approach


Sureswaran Ramadass, Rahmat Budiarto, Ho Cheah Luan


Vol. 7  No. 11  pp. 173-183


Network security is becoming increasingly vital in today’s fast growing mobile computing environment. Due to constraints in device size and portability, limited processing power, small disk capacity, intermittent network disconnections and frequent switching between network access points have been observed in mobile devices. Thus, protocols for mobile devices must minimize processing overhead to save battery power. In addition, connectivity performance and reliability need to be maintained as in wired environment. In order to achieve this, usage of resource intensive methods for instance public key cryptography and central verification server is foreseen to be reduced. Nonetheless, this poses a security threat to the system. It should be noted that if server security is being easily penetrated especially in the wireless network, the attacker can control the compromised party’s side of the communication channel. In this study, improved re-authentication scheme have been focused on, by performing comprehensive analysis to propose an enhanced authentication protocol which supports fast re-authentication for connection or disconnection of client-server system and other possibility of enhancement in terms of message reduction besides providing more secured solutions through CSP (Communicating Sequential Process) protocol modeling.


Security, Re-Authentication, Communicating Sequential Process