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A Novel in E-voting in Egypt


Mohamed Abo-Rizka, Heba Refaat Ghounaim


Vol. 7  No. 11  pp. 226-234


Election is fundamental instruments of democracy that provide an official mechanism for people to convey their views to their government by democratic means. E-voting becomes the most important application in e-government and e-democracy. Now days, some countries start to test and use electronic voting system, advantage like quick tallies, the possibility for remote reduction are among the main reason for it, however there are some problem need to be solved. Many e-voting schemes have been proposed and claim simplicity and added security. Some of these systems used and implemented by government, the most famous one is the DRE system. There is a list of security requirements that constitutes a must for voting, and without these requirements, fraud and corruption may occur: confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and verifiability. Unfortunately no e-voting schemes have proved to be secure enough. By using electronic voting, cheating, bribe and, coercion will be reduced and provide more security, unlike conventional voting systems, the voter can choose any voting booth that is safe to him/her. In this paper I will discover my scheme the (EVSE) Electronic Voting System in Egypt, this scheme designed to be fitting for the environment and the conditions in Egypt, trying to solve problems in the old system, conventional system.


E-voting, Biometric smart token, EVSE system