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Guaranteed Quality of Recovery in WDM Mesh Networks


I-Shyan Hwang, I-Feng Huang, Hung-Jing Shie


Vol. 7  No. 11  pp. 243-251


This study proposes a mechanism of guaranteed quality of recovery (GQoR) for Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) mesh networks. Four GQoR levels are used to support customized services, and each of them is mapped to the adaptive recovery methodology. Once a failure occurs, the control system activates the recovery mechanism in compliance with the GQoR level. If the protection procedure fails as well, the proposed algorithm will then execute the restoration mechanism. Consequently, the recovery success rate is increased. This paper examines the shared segment recovery methods to establish backup path; therefore, it is well suited for large-scale networks and also increases the bandwidth utilization of the networks. Furthermore, a node deals only with its own routing information by employing the distributed control, so the fault recovery procedure can be speeded up. Simulation results reveal that the proposed method has greater performance of lower blocking probability and mean hop number than other methods previously reported in the literature.


WDM, Guaranteed Quality of Recovery, Shared Segment Recovery, Survivability