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Performance Evaluation of Efficient Group Design Using Hierarchical MPLS


Jong-wook Jang, Ki-yong Kim


Vol. 7  No. 11  pp. 291-294


Recnetly, the demands of QoS(Quality of Service) and the traffic in network is increased. So, H-MPLS(Hierarchical MPLS) network research what guarantees the scalability is in progress. But, the H-MPLS has a problem of increasing of groups and the links of these group's nodes. It happens a problem that is increasing of H-MPLS setup cost. In this paper, we setup the H-MPLS groups. We use NS simulator in order to analyze the performance and traffic transfer times of each H-MPLS groups. In conclusion, we can find out the elevation of the traffic performance, by increasing a amount of links.


H-MPLS, MPLS, Hierarchical - MPLS